Shopping Regions

Shopping Regions at Nook

Paradise -
We've set aside the Paradise for free shopping content particularly useful to authors. You'll find avatars, clothing, lingerie, jewelry, shoes, hair, shapes, skins, unique mesh objects.

Muse ~

The Muse formal wear for male and female avatars by Shannan Albright.


Thirza's Things ~

Lingerie and swimwear from Thirza Ember

Nook Mesh Shop ~

Unique items from E. Twinklens (aka Mesh Girl) and Nara's useful items for author's.

Designs by Shannan ~

  Beautiful casual outfits for male and female avatars.

Meta_Body by CapCat Ragu

Unique character avatars.

Dezigns by Avia Bonne

Mesh clothing in Avia's unique style.

Sunbeam by Sunbeam Magick

Magic and sparkle from Sunbeam.

Fine Jewelry by Neo Cortex

A lovely assortment of finely crafted jewelry items from Neo.

Skins by Shannan

Skins, shapes, and mesh hair for male and female.


  1. hi. could you please give me a detailed explanation of how to get here in sl? I am new and having a hard time finding it. ty

  2. Hi, steb. It is an Opensim grid. All items are free. Instructions for visiting in Firestorm are here: