Friday, June 27, 2014

Writer's of Greyville Poetry Exhibition: Featuring Tracy Olmstead

The Greyville Writer's Colony is honored by the opportunity to share Tracy Olmstead's inspiring poetry with you.  Join us at  

Take a right across the parking lot and you'll see our teleport center. 

The red gate, first rectangle in line, takes you directly to the exhibit. But rather than jump right into the poetry, use the covered bridge to the left to cross over into Paradise where you'll find Tracy's house.  

All of our members have a house or shop in either Greyville or Paradise. This gives visitors a chance to step into the mental space of the creator at work, gives you a sense the person behind the art. Tracy's build is a peek into what awaits.  Walk through the door and he takes you deeper. 


Across the room on a drawing desk is a single poem, an appetizer. 


Outside you'll find a landmark for the exhibit platform. Save that. You'll want to return.

We hope you'll enjoy a look at the world through  Tracy Olmstead's eyes--a feast for mind and senses. Many thanks to Tracy for putting this together and sharing his work with us.