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Thursday, September 11, 2014

This weeks Hops:

Destination 1 Wunderland in Metropolis  hypergrid.org:8002:Wunderland
Destination 2 Aire Mille Flux    grid.aire-mille-flux.org:8002
Destination 3 New Genres Grid  hg.ngrid.org:800


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thirza Ember, Wirzardoz Chrome, Snowbody Cortes

If you could be anything?

Wizard Gynoid and Fuschia Nightfire

Hypergrid Safari Gang at Safari Clubhouse Teravus Plaza OSGrid

What/who would you be? I've been experimenting four years now, trying to come up with an answer.

Nara in OSGrid avatar. Lost in FrancoGrid

The answers I've come up with are more internal than external.  I want adventures.

Pathfinder Lester (elephant's mouth), Serene Jewel, Miso Susanowa, Dharma Galaxy, Nara Nook and ?

 I want to be able to write anywhere...

Siobhan Muir and Me in my Nara's Nook avatar

Nara Nook: Did you ever imagine you'd one day be on an elephant and settling down to write?

Siobhan Muir: Not outside of India.

Nara Nook: Me either.

Nara Nook: Not even inside of India.
 I want to get lost in all the ways it is possible to get lost. 

Siobhan Muir and Nara in an OSGrid avatar at Sandbox Plaza III testing Bullet Physics Vehicles

With Siobhan doing the backseat driving and me doing the navigating, geographically-lost is a given.

Um...lost somewhere else.

I want to get lost in the dark depths of creativity, with new ideas blooming around me.
 Lost in the crowd.
Dance party at Dorena's World

I teleported into this and rezzed floating on my back above the crowd with lights flashing music blasting. Looking down on it, I thought this must be what Woodstock was like. Only this reality isn't drug induced.
And since I love to level up...

Nara LostWorld:Terrarium
  I can take lost to a whole new level at LostWorld Grid lostworld-os.com:8002:LostWorld

Lost in time...

LostWorld:Rome  There is a room with info displays on historical details

Roman Bath

Joe Builder, creator of LostWorld
 Lost in space...
Enterprise is the size of 4 256x256 meter regions

Wizard Gynoid takes charge.

Snowbody Cortes, Miso Susanowa, Wizard Gynoid look at home there.

Engine Room

Shuttle Bay

Klingon Ship:Bridge
And because we can still take lost to deeper levels....

Holodeck Garden Scene Rezzing

Nara lost in a new space in deep space.

Lost in a holodeck is my favorite place to be.

Go on a Hypergrid Safari with us or explore on your own. Immerse yourself and lose yourself in the adventure, the inspiration, the fun. Because it's only when you are willing to let go, lose yourself, that the real you can be found.

 ~Nara Malone

If you have never been to the metaverse, you can find out how to get there. If you need help figuring out those instructions you can message me as Nara Malone on Facebook, or G+

If you know all about the metaverse and have never been on Safari join the HG Safari Group on Facebook  or Hypergrid Safari on G+   There is a Sunday Safari leaving the clubhouse at Noon Pacific Time today. I'll be there. Will you?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

It was another magical  tour on the Hypergrid Safari last week. It started with a tree.

When I was small, almost before I had words to say, I could hear tree spirits whispering. I remember snuggling up in a cozy spot between the  roots of my favorite old beech tree, pressing my ear to it's trunk and listening. On windy days it would sing stories. Maybe I dreamed it. Not all trees spoke and the ones that did...I guess not everyone  heard them. It's been a long time since a tree spoke to me. I think Art Blue must have heard tree spirits sing when he was little. Maybe he still does.

Dream Forest was our first stop. Art gave us all our very own tree to plant and water and watch over. It takes a few days to grow one. When it is ready you can take it from the nursery region to the Dream Forest to plant it. I think Art said we should sit with it, dream with it. I may have dreamed that part. The Dream Forest was singing full volume and my imagination kept wandering  off with me.

I would have missed the next jump, but when you are on safari no explorers are left behind. Avia Bonne sent me the teleport and I woke from one dream into another.

Nina Camplin and Cataplexia Numbers
This was a land of castles and dragons. Calchester. Pretty cool. 

We were welcomed by Alexina Proctor and Prax Maryjasz. Prax described what we'd find in Calchester and mentioned the water creatures. Water spirits speak to me too. I was camming out in search of Nessie when I found a giant turtle. 

I was gone.

Then I found Nessie.

When I came up for air I saw a flying dragon but couldn't catch it. It was time to go. Like  a child at play I was reluctant to leave. But more magic waited at the new jump.

 It started with a tree. 

Her name is Serene Jewel and the tree avatar was riveting. I was camming in to get pictures. She said you can get an avatar like that at Franco Grid, region Avatar.

 I know. I know. I've wandered down a side road here.

Back to the safari and region Ismadril built by Paislee Myrtle. I've seen Paislee's region artistry around Opensim before and it is always a feast for the senses and mind. I wanted to stand on that platform watch the water spilling over those falls forever.

Hypergrid Safari is a beautiful and wild ride. I enjoy getting to know my fellow travelers a little more each week. I love that there are new folks joining all the time.

The lesson learned this week--if you're on safari hang in thru crashes and beg/thumb a ride when you've crashed or gotten lost in a hop. Every stop is worth the re-logging and hopping back to join them.

One other thing I learned--I'm not the only one who hears the tree spirits sing.

~Nara Malone

Friday, June 27, 2014

The Greyville Writer's Colony is honored by the opportunity to share Tracy Olmstead's inspiring poetry with you.  Join us at world.narasnook.com:8900:Greyville  

Take a right across the parking lot and you'll see our teleport center. 

The red gate, first rectangle in line, takes you directly to the exhibit. But rather than jump right into the poetry, use the covered bridge to the left to cross over into Paradise where you'll find Tracy's house.  

All of our members have a house or shop in either Greyville or Paradise. This gives visitors a chance to step into the mental space of the creator at work, gives you a sense the person behind the art. Tracy's build is a peek into what awaits.  Walk through the door and he takes you deeper. 


Across the room on a drawing desk is a single poem, an appetizer. 


Outside you'll find a landmark for the exhibit platform. Save that. You'll want to return.

We hope you'll enjoy a look at the world through  Tracy Olmstead's eyes--a feast for mind and senses. Many thanks to Tracy for putting this together and sharing his work with us.