Thursday, November 10, 2022

The Alien Invasion

 Five or six years ago, I created a game at Nara's Nook, using some characters I had created and based on a song that MC Peek had written.  It was fun and whimsical, part bad science fiction B movie and part 1980s MTV video. Later, Nara Malone convinced me to recreate it using a program called Tyranobuilder for their game jam contest.  Its different then the game in Opensim, which was more a follow along and enjoy the dance at the end. This was my first solo game and I worked very hard, stretching my neurons, some past their limit(well...many). 

Afterwards, I filmed my original OpenSim game and edited it into a video, which you can see on Youtube here:

You can play it here:

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  1. Just a note on how to play. You have to keep clicking the screen to advance the game.