Friday, November 4, 2022

Finding Your Hero


So the Nook gang left off the blogging for awhile while we dealt with real life and grew some new skills. We're back and this is a sample of what we've been working on. Find the Hero was a virtual world game I built back in 2013. I've recently taken some programming/gamedev classes and the instructors invited us to submit to a game jam. All members of teams who submitted playable submissions would win a free class. We had 9 days to build our project. 

If it was going to be anywhere close to what I envisioned in 9 days, I needed some help. Shannan Albright agreed to help with some Photoshopping, our heart puzzle design and some character tweaks. I was down for writing and recording  the story, designing the game-play on the levels, layout of the first two levels, and coding/animating the various characters and obstacles. Sheep Freak did the layout on the final level, managed scene music, and did some magic with the story sound files I recorded to remove noise and improve volume. He also scripted the final cutscene. Neothar Cortex did the event manager and text display of the story.

The video above is our trailer. You can play the game for free right here: 

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