Regions and Rentals

Author Regions

We're not a commercial grid, but we do provide regions where authors  build story scenes, host role-play, and bring animated interactive characters to life. In return authors pay their share of the server cost, based on number of regions and type of service. In the respect we are more like a cooperative. Nook members also pitch in to manage grid activities, help visitors, and  run the website. 

Region Fees

Space in the Author Boho village - Free
Space for Hypergrid Story Build in Next Dim - Free for any hypergrid citizen with approved submission of story region plan.

Single region in an instance shared with other users - 5.00 USD per month
Single private instance that will support up to 4 standard regions or 3x3 var - 15.00 USD a month.

The number of regions and amount of content an instance will support is directly related to the number of prims and scripts running in your builds.

Current Nook Regions 

Greyville -- grid landing and info center
Paradise -- Shops from hypergrid citizens and Nook members
Old Greyville -- Nook's first region is still out there.
Dankoville -- 3x3 var region from metaverse traveler, Danko Whitfield.
Quarterz Swamp, Quarterz City, Quarterz Wastelands -- Three regions supporting scene builds for Nara Malone's Game for Love Series.
Shadowling Manor and Selkie Island -- Two regions supporting Nara Malone's Shadowling Therian Series.
Siobhan Muir 1 (Cloudburst) -- Region supporting Siobhan Muir's Cloudburst, Colorado series.
Siobhan Muir 2 (Coronado Beach Base) -- Region supporting Siobhan Muir's Bad Boys of Beta Squad series.
Twinklen's Playground-- 3x3 var
Hawaii-- 4x4 var
Author Village-- 3x3 var
Beau Coeur--
Grand Castle--
Shannan Albright--
Pandora--NPC Learning Lab and home of Geeked-Out Fairy Tales
Private Unlisted--11 regions

Total in equivalent standard size--71 regions

Current Next Dimension Tales Regions

Hypergrid Story 1-9 -- Immersive Edge story regions
Poetry -- Under Construction
Storybook Land --Under Construction

Landing-- Default landing region

Total in  equivalent standard size--12 regions

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